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Henan Shanky Machinery Co.,Ltd. YGM95 Grinding Mill Machine exported to Russia

25 Jun,2024

  Dear friends:

  Recently, our (Henan Shanky Machinery Co.,Ltd.) YGM95 Grinding Mill Machine has been favored by Russian customer in Mining World Russia,Moscow 2024.YGM Series Grinding Mill Machine is a grinding equipment produced by our company that combines advanced technology at home and abroad as well as customer usage over the years,which meets practical needs.The customer saw our company’s brochure at the exhibition and contacted us after the exhibition to inform us of their needs.We recommended the YGM95 Grinding Mill Machine to the customer according to their needs.After reviewing our plan,he is very satisfied with our plan.On May 22nd,the final contract was confirmed and a deposit was paid.


  Now, i will introduct some features of YGM Series Grinding Mill Machine:

  1. Wide application. It can process the materials under Mohs hardness 9.3.

  2. High capacity & unique design . We design a pressure spring of 1500kg-2000kg in the grinding chamber. The force of grinding device increases 800-1500kg in the function of spring. Under the same power, the capacity increases by 10-20%.

  3. The range of final products' sizes is wide. The coarse aggregate can reach 0.613 mm (30 mesh), the general is 0.025 mm (600 mesh), the finest can be 0.013 mm (1000 mesh).


  4. Environmental protection.

  5. Air classifier is easy to adjust.

  6. Good sealing.The grinding rollers apply the overlapping and multi-level air protection to make sure the efficiency and increase the lifespan of the machine.

  At present,the YGM95 Grinding Mill Machine has been made-to-stock,and we will keep you updated with the latest updates.


  We do believe that after this cooperation with Russian Client, you all will have a clearer understanding of our YGM Grinding Mill Machine.If you are interested in this Grinding Mill Machine,please contact with us.

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