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Cone Crusher PYB900 was exported to Chile

27 Mar,2024

  On 25th March 2024, Henan Shanky Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully exported a cone crusher PYB900 to Chile. Currently, Chile is one of the largest ore and stone mining countries in the world, and the market demand for high-quality ore and stone is increasing. As a professional manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment, Henan Shanky has achieved good performance in the market. Our export of cone crusher to Chile this time marks the affirmation of our strength and experience in this field, and also brings more opportunities for our future development.


  In addition, the Cone Crusher has the advantages of large crushing force, high efficiency, low operating cost and convenient adjustment, etc. It is suitable for all kinds of ores and rocks with medium and above hardness, and is the ideal equipment for construction, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.

  In a word, Henan Shanky Machinery Co., Ltd. has achieved good performance and reputation in the field of mining machinery. And in the future, we will continue to make efforts to improve the quality of our products and services, and provide customers with more high-quality and efficient products and services.


  If you have any need for our products, please contact us in time, looking forward to the cooperation between us! We also welcome your attention to the new developments and future development plans of the enterprise!

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