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Henan Shanky Machinery Co., Ltd. Jaw Crusher exported to Philippines

15 Jan,2024

  At the beginning of the New Year, our company (Henan Shanky Machinery Co., LTD.) obtained the jaw crusher order from customers in the Philippines. After the communication between our sales staff and customers in the Philippines, after several technical discussions by engineers, combined with the actual situation of the customer's local site, as well as the specific situation of the customer's production program, after careful research, we recommend the jaw crusher PEW250X1200 and PEX250X1200 for customers. The customer compared a number of domestic crusher leading enterprises, before and after many times of coordination running-in, and finally chose our crushing equipment. In this process, Henan Shanky Machinery Co., Ltd. continuously coordinated changes according to customer needs, so that the equipment and configuration at all levels are perfectly adapted to customer requirements.


  This jaw crusher has deep crushing cavity and high crushing ratio, gasket type adjustment device for discharge hole, centralized lubrication system, fast, safe and reliable, low maintenance , simple structure, reliable work, low operating costs, large adjustment range can meet the requirements of different customers, spare parts are wearable and with long life service.


  The success of the cooperation, for the development of this year's work is a good omen, Henan Shanky Machinery Co., Ltd. all in line with the customer-oriented perspective, from the cost and practicality are everywhere from the customer's point of view, to create a good customer service relationship, customers for our company also hold a high degree of praise.

  At present, our workers are going all out to produce this jaw crusher, strive for early delivery to customers and put into use, but also hope that the company's products can continue the excellent performance of the past, for this cooperation handed in a satisfactory answer.

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